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The saying holds true, when we say that the product of what we are today, is the sum of what we were yesterday or another way is that we are what we eat and drink.  In other words, the human body that we have at this very moment, has gone through the birth stage, through the growing stages and finally, what we are today as we can see ourselves in front of the mirror is the result of the totality of experiences of our lives in terms of emotions, nutrients ingestion and all other factors.  If you see before you, in the mirror, a body and shape generally free from abnormal feature, then you are a very lucky person because if one of your parents or both parents were exposed to radioactive pollution by accident or because they were working in an atomic fission plant, most probably you will be abnormal and mishapen and maybe look like “Frankenstein”.
Toxic pollution contaminates us before birth and even before the conception of the foetus which is us and everyday and every moment, we are constantly being exposed to them in different ways.  Below  are the stages of exposure to some of the many types of toxic pollution, before we are born, after we are born and the various stages of growing up.


As was mentioned above, toxic pollution affecting our parents in radioactive exposure, definitely affects the offspring of the affected people.  Besides that, other types of toxic pollution such as those in the drinking water, daily food as well as the air they breathe weakens the body systems of the affected people.  The resultant effect would be a weaken body would definitely give birth to a weak baby which may be affected by genetic mutation in the case of radioactive exposure during the mother’s pregnancy period or even before the conception of the foetus.  When the body of the mother is so weakened by toxic pollution, the result may be the vulnerability of the mother to diseases and viruses, because of the weakened immunity system in the body.  Infection of the mother in many cases affects the developing foetus.  It has been established that Aids (HIV) virus can enter into the developing foetus through the umbilicus cord to infect the developing foetus.  Not only that, it has been established that some toxic chemicals can also penetrate into the foetus through the umbilicus cord when certain conditions prevail and contaminate as well as interfere with the normal growth of the foetus.  All the above factors and other factors contribute to detrimental effects of toxic pollution before birth of the baby.


During infant stage, the baby is very vulnerable to toxic pollution.  Firstly, the lungs of the baby is very delicate and their breathing is very rapid, deep and diaphragmatic, hence polluted air, that we have mentioned in other chapters, carrying particulates of less than 10 microns especially those of 2.5 microns can penetrate into the avoeli of the lungs very easily.  Most of the airborne pollutants come from indoor air which are quite stagnant in the baby’s room and as discussed in earlier chapters on toxic pollution of the air that we breathe in.  Indoor air are filled with air toxic pollutants from radon gas, cigarette smokes (smoker’s home), ozone, sulphur dioxide, combustion’s toxic pollutants from indoor stove, fire place, emissions from household products such as formaldehyde from adhesive of pressed wood products, chlorine from chlorine bleaches as well as airborne pesticides fumes used in the house for disinfectants and insecticides purposes and many others stated in the air pollution section.
Besides that, outdoor air may be transported through open windows and the opening of doors, which contain industrial , farm/agricultural as well as motor vehicles toxic emissions, into the room occupied by the infant.  Young developing lung tissues are very susceptible to all these types of airborne toxic pollutants and they contribute towards the weakening of the infant body and immunology system making the baby very susceptible to illnesses and diseases e.g. asthma, bronchitis, etc.
At infant stage, the main food would be milk coming out of the bottle or from the mother’s breasts.  Milk coming out of the bottle means milk from sheep, cow or goat.  Many researchers have found out that milk from domesticated animals, such as goat, sheep or cow contained pesticides residue or contamination because these animals were consuming animal feed or open-grazing grass contaminated by pesticides.
In many families where the baby’s utensils are washed by servants or junior members of the families concerned, it was observed ,that there were many cases of babies having upset tummies due to small amount of washing detergent being left on the baby’s feeding utensils, e.g. the feeding bottle, the baby’s rubber dummy etc. which was not properly rinsed.  In many cases, it also happened that when the baby’s rubber dummy fell on the floor, the servant or junior members of the families concerned will just pick up the “dummy” and without washing or cleaning it, they will just put back into the baby’s mouth.  The dirt on the floor might contain tiny particles of dirt, lead paint flakes, pesticides residues and settlements of toxic particulates of industrial, agricultural, natural and motor vehicle emissions brought in by inflow of outdoor air.  The outdoor and indoor toxic particulates also settle on “clean” baby utensils and food polluting them.
It has also been observed that in many cases of babies having rashes was due to the remains of washing detergents on their clothes which has not been washed properly.  In many under developed countries where no stringent tests or laws apply, we have cases of manufacturers of toys and other objects e.g. baby cot using lead paint or other types of toxic paints because of cheaper cost.  Babies will often put anything and everything into their mouths especially around at the 9-12 months period, when most babies have their first set of teeth starting to emerge from their gums.  They will bite or munch on anything and everything to reduce the “itching” in their gums during the “teething” time and that will be one of the ways that the infants are being exposed to toxic pollution as they developed.  There are many other ways that babies are being exposed but the above is only a few examples of toxic exposure.


As infants grow into children, their venues of exposure to toxic pollution become even greater.  Besides being exposed to indoor toxic air pollution, they now are being exposed to outdoor toxic air pollution.  In many cities and urban areas especially in developed countries, such as America and  England, we could not pretend that the grey haze or mist that lingers in the sky and everywhere that you see, in cities such as New York, Detroit City, Birmingham, are a figment of imagination.  They are very real - they are the toxic air pollution resulting from the industrial chimney smoke and the emissions and fumes from numerous motor cars, buses, vans and lorries crisscrossing the cities.  Even emerging nations such as Thailand and Philippines are not spared, in cities such as Bangkok and Manila where traffic jams are the rules instead of the exception.  The toxic air pollution includes invisible gases such as carbon monoxide and lead fumes as well as other harmful hydrocarbons.
Most of the children of these places and many other cities and towns in the world, mostly have no place to play except on the pavements of streets and roads.  The air contamination is so bad, that even parks and gardens which may be in the centre of these cities are not spared, in that the children playing inside are also breathing toxic air. The joggers, in such circumstances, are actually encouraging the infiltration of toxic particulates into their lungs by breathing very deep and hard during their jogging.  Then, we have the usual environmental cigarette smokes everywhere which is part of air contamination nowadays.
Besides that, nowadays we eat a lot of fast food which many Western nutritionists have warned about this unhealthy eating life style especially of young growing children nowadays.  Many types of fast food, instant mee, most types of meat, sausage rolls and preserved food all may contain preservatives and dyes which may be detrimental to health.  Some are FDA approved and some not and then some which are first approved and later rejected because of the late appearance of ill effects to health.
In many countries, a lot of young children is already into electronic computers for games and the internet and of course - the old faithful - TV.  Some of them spend too much time exposing themselves to harmful radiation from these electronic gadgets - the Electromagnetic forces (EMFs) are very high and the children tend to sit too near to the computer monitor and also the TV.  In fact, all electrical and electronic gadgets including microwave oven, toaster, the electric oven, etc. emit harmful EMFs and even the fluorescent lighting also emit EMFs.  Little children with fast growing and rapid developing tissue cells are especially vulnerable to all these harmful EMFs and this is one of the causes of why so many children nowadays are suffering a multitude of health problems, such as migraine, arthritis and diabetes etc. of senior citizens’diseases, that fifty (50) years ago, children of that period rarely suffers from.
Even in their playing and sport activities, they encounter contamination e.g. swimming.  Children from developed countries, usually swim in swimming pools which are “cleansed” by chlorine gas - very detrimental when children drink in a lot of chlorinated water during swimming time (we all know it because when we were little kids, we sure drank a lot of water ourselves especially during those times when we were learning to swim). Children from rural areas of less developed countries usually swim in the river which are very polluted and the same “water drinking ritual” - always happen.  Many rivers in many parts of the world are so contaminated by household, agriculture and industrial waste that even fishes do not survive.  All children swimming in the sea also get the same “water drinking ritual” and we all know that the sea nowadays, are very polluted especially at the river mouths of big cities and industrial centres.  The above are merely some of the many types of toxic exposure on children all over the world.


After surviving childhood, we arrived at the “rebel” stage where most of us fight for a lost cause - rebelling against the establishment.  Besides all types of toxic pollution aforementioned, we add on many more by popping pills, use narcotics, smoke “pot” heroin, drink excessive amount of booze, shoot hard drugs and generally transforming ourselves into zombies, acid heads and what else - and really trying to poison ourselves with all types of toxic elements, of which unfortunately we succeeded most of the time, much to our regret later when we become older, sober and wiser.  This is also the “Golden Age of Sex” where the freedom to do it, exceeds the imagination and some of these people use drugs and booze to stimulate and/or prolong whatever they intended to do, exhausting and poisoning themselves, making the body very weak and extremely vulnerable to stress, diseases and early breakdowns.  Cigarette smoking is also being practised, with a vengeance, by many young people especially during wild parties, and researchers have verified and proven that long term cigarette smoking  definitely leads to cancer of the lungs in most cases.  Again the above are merely some of the many and varied types of exposure to toxic pollution of our bodies.


Well, for the lucky ones that survive the “rebellion period”, we become responsible working citizens of our countries.  Anyway, the toxic pollution of the air, water and food still exist for the adults all the time.  Only thing, is that we now have an additional set of hazards in our working environment.
The biggest and most common toxic pollution to our body comes in the form of STRESS from our marriages, our work, our bosses, our customers, our colleagues, our employees, our friends, our enemies and even from those strangers who lived next door who kept gossiping behind our backs ...Well - that’s life!  Next, we come to our occupational hazard - the place and the job that puts the paycheck in our pockets.  If you happened to work in an Atomic fusion establishment, you have the chance of being exposed to harmful radiation and even being a X’ray technician entitles you to that hazard.  Being a motor mechanic does not help either because you will be in contact with harmful substances, such as brake fluid, petrol fumes, etc. Even being a traffic police officer have its problem because you will be breathing a lot of toxic polluted air when you ride your “iron horse” (motorbike) or when you are directing traffic (where the actions are).  Now you think that being indoor helps, as a hair-dresser - no!  It has been observed that many women hairdresser have breast cancer due to the constant handling and close proximity of using the hair-blower, i.e. constant exposure to high EMFs in close proximity. (refer to toxic pollution of the space around us).  Then again, we thought that going to the farm to be a farmer will be a healthy preoccupation, think again, (refer to toxic pollution from agricultural sources) because in the farm, we have to use pesticides to control pests and unwanted vegetation, by air spraying, machine spraying and hand spraying.  Even fertilizers are being distributed by those ways in addition to other ways.  We absorbed those toxic pollution by breathing in the polluted air, eating contaminated food and drinking contaminated water, and also in skin contact when handling the above pesticides and fertilizers.  In effect, in almost every occupation that we do, in some ways we encounter toxic substances, deadly radiation, poisonous fumes and gases, etc.  Only thing is that the quantity and variety that we all absorbed differs in all cases.
Even during “Fun Time”we never thought that we can be polluted when we hold a barbecue party in the outdoor place (refer to toxic pollution in the air) but smoke fires can produce many types of toxic gases and particulates that have been proven by science researchers to be harmful to our lungs and aveolis.  Particulates that are below 10 microns and around 2.5 microns, proved to be the most dangerous because it goes deep into the aveolis of the lungs.  Even the gaseous products of the combustion of the logs or coal are deadly to our human bodies.


Hip, hip, hurray, we have managed to survive all those turbulent years and now to have a well earned peaceful rest or retirement - Are you sure?  -  Yes or No, Well Only You, can answer that question but for the majority of people, after going through all those polluted stages of lives, now bear the scars of their war with toxic pollution by THEIR MANY AND VARIED HEALTH PROBLEMS - It is with great pity and sadness, that many people, even famous ones in film, politics, high society, died of cancer, heart attack, etc. while others suffer debilitating diseases, such as diabetes, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, etc. living out their “Golden Years” in anger, frustration, depression, pain,. regret, etc. and even in shame.  A great many of these people, like you and me deserved a better ending of our lives after having struggled all our lives against all odds and the whole world, achieving fame, security and financial success, thinking, to live the rest of our lives in a “WELL DESERVED REST AND RECREATION PERIOD” only to end up in hospital suites - now and then, off and on, due to all types of debilitating health problems.  (That was the reason, why Master Wong went full time into this Evergreen Qi-Synergy Program to help people to alleviate their pains and suffering - Please refer to Master Wong’s Background History and Healing Mission).  Because of our health problems, although we have the money to eat the most tasty, exotic and expensive food in the world but we may not have the appetite nor able to eat it (due to hypertension).  We have the money to fly by first class anywhere in the world but we cannot go (due to stroke).  How sad it is, but what about those who are not down like the above - but by now their body system has gone “old” due to wear and tear and on top of that, the effects of toxic pollution have accelerated it.  These people began to feel “their age” as they have “pains” here and there (arthritis) and because of the slowing down of their body and their metabolic system, the toxic pollution of air, water and food (which are ever present) deteriorates their bodies faster now than when they were young as their bodies are now unable efficiently excrete, reject or expel the toxins accumulated in their bodies brought about by the aforementioned pollution, and slowly but surely die or acquired debilitating diseases.

To summarise the above scenario, it is very clear that in all our lives we are subjected to many types of toxic pollution brought about in the rapid progress in Science and Technology which unfortunately causes as much harm as the good that they have brought.  In an ordinary situation, our bodies have to work hard to excrete, expel or get rid of the normal type and amount of toxins generated by our body function and metabolism, but now our body have to work overtime to expel the extra toxins introduced into our bodies through the pollution of our drinking water, daily food and breathing air, etc.  In most cases, our bodies are unable to cope especially those working under high stress and conditions and in adequate sleep and rest.  The body’s metabolism and immunology system breakdown is due to Qi (Energy) deficiency and distribution resulting in death or debilitating diseases, such as diabetes, arthritis,dementia, Parkinson’s disease and other types. 

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